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Why Advertise?

If you've got a message you want to get out to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, then there's no more effective vehicle than NIT.

NIT is widely recognised as the nation's leading provider of Indigenous specific news and current affairs. We've broken more major news stories than all of our competitors combined and our stories are routinely picked up nationally and internationally by other media outlets.

Put simply, NIT has become a must-read for anyone with an interest in Indigenous affairs. And that's very good news for NIT advertisers!

Who Reads NIT?

Every week, our print version of NIT reaches at least 80,000 black and white readers around the nation.

NIT is well-read by people working within Indigenous affairs. It's also well-read by mainstream media organisations and senior decision-makers in Government and private enterprise.

Our subscription database - readers who receive NIT direct to their home each week - reads like a Who's Who of Indigenous affairs and Government. We also have a very strong grass-roots readership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who want to know how the decisions made in Indigenous affairs affect their every-day lives.


The casual rate for an advertisement in NIT is $15.91 per column centimetre excluding GST, but discounts do apply for multiple bookings, and there are separate rates for Government organisations. If you represent a government department, you can contact us and we’ll provide you details of your special rate, plus your government-appointed advertising agency.

Colour - Does it Work and What’s it Worth?

Colour advertising does work. That's why most major corporations - like Coca-Cola and McDonalds - use it. The human eye is naturally drawn to colour. Adding colour to your advertisement in NIT is simple - just ask our sales consultant to include colour in your ad. It costs just $318.19 and is a very small price to pay to ensure your investment has the desired affect.

Targetted Advertising

NIT can tailor your advertising needs to specifically target regions or states. For example, you might want to get a message specifically to West Australian readers. No matter what your requirements, we can tailor a special package just for you.

For details on getting your message out to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, phone our national sales office on 1300 786 611.


Download NIT's Ad Booking Deadlines and On-Sale Dates

How to Work Out Your Ad Size - Click to Show

Working out the size - and therefore the cost - of your ad in NIT's Print Version is easy if you know how.

1. First, work out how wide you want your ad to be - 1 columns, two columns, three, four, five or six. Remember the wider the ad, the more likely readers are to notice it.

2. Then work out how deep it should be - from five centimetres to 38 centimetres. Again, the larger the ad, the better the response.

3. Then multiply the depth by the number of columns. So for example if you want your ad to be four columns wide by 20 centimetres deep, you multiply 4 x 20. This gives you the total number of column centimetres - in this case 80 column centimetres.

4. Times the square centimetres by your advertising rate (for example, the casual rate is $15.91)

... And now you have the price of your ad, excluding GST!



Download Examples of Ad Sizes

Advertising in NITs Print Version - Click to Show

Who to Contact

Production enquiries should be directed to Geoff Bagnall (ph 1300 786 611) at

Sales enquiries should be directed to Michael Rowsthorne 0408 113 643 (phone),1300 786 622 (fax) or

Our mailing address for production is PO Box 3076, Wanniassa ACT 2903.

Our street delivery address is 48 Rylah Cresc, Wanniassa ACT 2903.


Production Schedule

We publish Wednesday, every week.

Material deadline: 5pm the Friday prior to publication date (can be extended by arrangement - phone Michael on 0408 113 643 to discuss)


Production Specifications

Fully paginated using Indesign CS4 and Photoshop CS4 on Mac.

Completed advertisements: Colour advertisements must be presented as CMYK colour. Advertisements should be sent as a high resolution Acrobat PDF file with all fonts embedded. Advertisements should be sent by email to or by mail on CD to PO Box 3076, Wanniassa ACT 2903 or via Quickcut.



Saved as .jpg or .tif files, at least 300dpi in RGB colour


Editorial/Ad Copy

Microsoft Word documents preferred, saved as .txt files


Ad Sizes

Tabloid paper based on six column measure


Page Depth

Image area 38cm deep

Trim area 40cm deep

No bleed allowed


Page Width

Image area 26.2cm wide

Trim area 28.2 wide

No bleed allowed


Column Widths

1 column: 4.10cm

2 columns: 8.40cm

3 columns: 12.89cm

4 columns: 17.30cm

5 columns: 21.80cm

6 columns: 26.20cm (full page width)



Advertising on the NIT Website - Click to Show

For rates, special deals and any inquiries on advertising in NIT Online, please contact our Director of Operations on 0408 113 643 or email:


Deadlines - Click to Show

NIT skips four editions over Christmas. Download our On Sale dates schedule for further details.


Download Advertising Booking Form

Download Material Specifications


*Tips on Effective Advertising:

Businesses that don't advertise die, or so the old saying goes. But getting the most out of your advertising dollar can be a confusing maze. Read on to find out about the 7 habits of highly effective advertisers. Click to Read On...


1. Size matters. 

Generally, the larger the ad, the better response you'll get. If your budget is tight, then rather than placing a small ad every fortnight, you might want to consider placing a larger advertisement less frequently. But remember, the more you spend, the more you earn so if you can stretch your budget a little further you're better off placing a larger advertisement every fortnight. It's an investment for the future. 

2. Page dominators work. 
A 'page dominator' is an ad that dominates a page. So, for example, you should consider placing an ad that takes up more than half a page (a 28cms x 4 column ad is a great 'page dominator'. This means your ad will be the most noticeable 'design' on the page, regardless of what headline or picture runs next to it. 

3. Be prepared to repeat your message.
It generally takes a while for an advertising message to sink in, so budget to repeat your message as often as you can. 

4. Be creative.
Advertisements that are creative grab peoples' attention. Use of tools such as humour, colour, creative designs, large graphics etc all help draw readers to your advertisement. When booking an ad with NIT, ask our sales consultants about getting your ad custom designed - it's free and it's effective!

5. Location? Location? Location?
Being up 'the front' of the paper is not always the best place for every ad. You should advertise in the 'section of interest' to your target market. So, for example, if you're advertising an art exhibition, talk to the NIT sales consultant about appearing in our arts section. If it's a job ad, you should think seriously about booking your ad into our employment section - that's where job hunters look. If your target market is sports people, you're probably best to advertise in our sports section. Readers tend to read NIT from 'cover to cover' so don't assume that 'page 3' is where you want to be.

6. Location! Location! Location! 
Ok, if you're target market is all our readers, then being up the front can sometimes help. But be prepared to pay a little more for your ad - a front page banner ad, for example, has a 100 percent loading fee (twice the normal column centimetre rate). It isn't cheap but it's very, very effective. 

7. Last but not least, consult the experts. 
The advertising sales consultants at NIT are experts at helping you to get your message out to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Don't hesitate to ask them for advice on the best way to ensure your investment hits its mark.



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The multi-award winning National Indigenous Times is an independent newspaper and receives no government funding whatsoever. Thus, we rely entirely on advertising and subscriptions to survive, and hope you'll consider subscribing to NIT's print edition as well as the online version of our paper. Our new and improved website now contains stories and photos, you can even interact by providing feed back on articles in the your say section. We have a new video module where you can watch relevant videos sourced from all over Australia.

There is also the option of advertising online with high impact positions on the various pages and the ability to "click through" to the advertisers website. Our new website is fast and effective and as always if you advertise in the print edition you will be uploaded to our online jobs section as an added bonus. So contact our sales team now via our website or give us a call on 1300 786 611, we will be happy to structure a package that meets your advertising needs and budget.

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