A new SBS series from director Dylan River is hitting the small screen come July 5.

An Australianised retelling of the classic Robin Hood tale, Robbie Hood is set in Alice Springs and tells the story of 13-year-old misfit Robbie and his friends righting the wrongs they witness in their home town.

They wheel around town on their BMX bikes and get up to mischief with no one to rely on but each other.

Director Dylan River said Robbie Hood is his gift to Alice Springs’ young people and the world.

“It’s inspired by my own life and the first-hand experiences of my friends and family,” Mr River said.

“The show is a combination of the highs and lows of our upbringing in a small desert town that we have a love hate relationship with. I am thrilled to see these stories come to life and find their home on SBS.”

Producer Tanith Glynn-Maloney with the Robbie Hood cast. Photo supplied by Screen Australia.

SBS’s Director of Television and Online Content Marshall Heald said Robbie Hood is “uniquely SBS.”

“It represents the best of Indigenous filmmaking and showcases a talented young cast led by skilful director, Dylan River. Robbie Hood will draw audiences into life in Alice Springs and ask them to consider the value of a strong moral compass in the face of adversity,” Mr Heald said.

Screen Australia’s Online Investment Manager Lee Naimo had nothing but praise for the series.

“This series is exactly the kind of online content we seek to support. It’s clever, inventive, it shows a part of Australia not often seen on our screens, and it brings together some of our best screen creatives,” Mr Naimo said.

Robbie Hood was produced by Tanith Glynn-Maloney, an alumnus from Screen Australia’s Indigenous Producer Program.

The program aims to develop the skills of Indigenous screen producers and the third iteration of the program is now taking applications.

Screen Australia is looking for “self-motivated, organised, energetic collaborators” with at least one credit to their name.

The third Indigenous Producer Program will be an intensive program that covers all elements necessary for producing and will be tailored to suit those taking part.

For more information head to https://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/sa/screen-news/2019/05-29-indigenous-producer-program.

Robbie Hood will be available on SBS On Demand on July 5, air on SBS VICELAND July 9, and on NITV November 11.