An aMBUSH Gallery exhibition showcasing contemporary First Nations art will be opened this month at Kambri, Australian National University’s new multimillion-dollar redevelopment.

While You Were Sleeping will integrate a range of First Nations artists who create works across many mediums such as paint, illustration, film, photography, sculpture and other mixed media.

Kambri, meaning ‘meeting place’ in the local Indigenous language, was designed as an inclusive cultural space for artists to meet, engage and create together.

Artwork by Robert Fielding. Photo supplied by aMBUSH Gallery.

“We saw this as an opportunity for our first show to unite some of the artists we’ve previously worked with alongside other artists who are new to aMBUSH,” said aMBUSH Gallery co-founder Bill Dimas.

“This gives audiences a snapshot of the powerful, cutting-edge artworks produced by some of Australia’s established and emerging First Nations artists.”

The inaugural exhibition opens Thursday May 23rdand will feature works from artists such as Robert Fielding, Benita Clements, Shane ‘Mankitya’ Kookaburra and Noni Cragg.

aMBUSH Gallery is a social enterprise founded in 2007 by Bill Dimas and John Wiltshire.

For over 12 years the duo has been supporting public arts projects nation-wide and they have curated and produced a number of arts programming and installations to date.

In 2011, aMBUSH Gallery had the opportunity to work on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island and created the world’s largest street art festival to date: Outpost Project.

Often working with community groups, government organisations and other artists, it is clear collaboration is central to the Gallery.

“We curate and produce our own projects and are very open to collaboration, where people can come to us with their ideas. We jump in. We produce together and we create together,” Mr Dimas said.

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