Indigenous activist Dr Mark Bin Bakar has used his alter ego’s show, The Mary G Show, to mislead the public about comments he made in open court earlier this year.

Dr Bin Bakar, who plays Indigenous comedian and health advocate Mary G, interviewed himself on the radio show Wednesday night, attempting damage control after NIT revealed last week that Dr Bin Bakar implied the term ‘half-caste’ “has got to be used for people” in a Native Title hearing in March.

He falsely claims the comments in the article were “fabricated”.

“It’s all not true, and I say to all your listeners out there, it’s not true,” Dr Bin Bakar said on The Mary G Show on Wednesday night.

“It’s all an illusion, it’s all a cover up, it’s a hide. That’s what it is.

“It’s absolutely fabricated, it’s not verbatim, and it’s not real, it’s an illusion.”

Listen to the audio from The Mary G Show below:


Dr Bin Bakar’s claim on live radio that he was not quoted verbatim, meaning he says NIT did not quote the exact words he used in court, is untrue.

The Federal Court transcript of the March 4 Koongie-Elvire Native Title hearing, obtained by NIT, clearly shows dialogue between Dr Bin Bakar and Justice Debra Mortimer involved Dr Bin Bakar implying that “traditional Aboriginal people” are “black Aboriginal people, not half-caste”.

According to the Family Court of WA, a transcript is “the written record of what was said in the courtroom by all persons involved in a case”. The purpose of a court transcript is to record exactly what was said in court, word for word.

Speaking about Native Title boundaries in court, Dr Bin Bakar said “cultural people” like his grandfather know the “cultural boundaries” of Country, and that Lunga Traditional Owners seek advice from these people often.

“And the Nining Jaru is exactly the same. The people that speak for Nining Jaru is traditional Aboriginal people, and if I dare may say, your Honour, black people, black Aboriginal people, not half-caste, and I know that might be a derogatory thing to say,” Dr Bin Bakar said in court.

Justice Mortimer interrupted Dr Bin Bakar before he continued.

“Yes. Yes … I’m not helped by that language, Dr Bin Bakar,” she said.

“So please don’t use it.”

Despite Justice Mortimer’s warning, Dr Bin Bakar continued to attempt to justify his use of colourist rhetoric.

“But it has got to be used for people,” Dr Bin Bakar said.

To which Justice Mortimer said, “not in my court”.

On Wednesday night’s The Mary G Show, Dr Bin Bakar told listeners he never said anything of the sort at the Native Title hearing.

“With my history and my contribution, the people that do know me, know that I’m honest, I’m clean, I don’t have a bad bone in me, and I don’t do things like what they [are] insinuating in that article,” he said on Wednesday night.

“I just say to listeners out there, don’t believe it, it’s not true.”

Despite Dr Bin Bakar’s claims, the evidence from the court transcript shows he said such language “has got to be used for people”.

Many across the Kimberley are now calling for a public apology from Dr Bin Bakar and Mary G alike, after he misled listeners about his comments in court.

Dr Bin Bakar was contacted for comment but did not respond by time of publication.

By Hannah Cross