ACT Labor has retained government in their sixth parliamentary term – with Andrew Barr being re-elected as Chief Minister.

Canberra Liberals leader Alistair Coe conceded defeat on Saturday night as the party failed to take over Labor’s 20-year reign.

Labor won ten seats across the five electorates, attaining 93,074 votes and a swing of only 0.3 per cent against them.

In their biggest win, the party achieved an eight per cent swing in the traditionally Liberal electorate of Brindabella, with the Greens achieving a six per cent swing.

In Ginninderra, Labor currently has two seats, Liberals one and the Greens one – with the last yet to be determined. In Kurrajong, Labor and Greens have split two seats, with Liberals winning one seat.

In Murrumbidgee and Yerrabi, Labor and Liberals have split two seats and Greens with one.

Green wins

The Greens, led by Shane Rattenbury, maintained a strong performance in the election with the party earning a swing of 3.3 per cent.

The party has landed five seats in the 25-seat Legislative Assembly, with potential to win two more if preference votes are in their favour.

Rattenbury hopes to expand the Greens’ influence in government decisions and has mentioned the possibility of sitting on the crossbench.

Despite running a low-profile campaign, the Greens had a bold and detailed policy statement which delivered their best results yet.

Liberal losses

The Canberra Liberals suffered a 3.1 per cent swing against them, causing them to lose seats in the Assembly.

Both James Milligan in Yerrabi and Andrew Wall in Brindabella lost their seats.

The Liberals’ campaign slogan was ‘lower taxes, better services’ playing on tax rate rises with a focus on improving health and transport services.

Compared to the Greens campaign vision of painting a ‘better normal’, with a strong focus on climate action and addressing inequalities in housing, the election results confirm Canberra’s reputation as Australia’s more progressive jurisdiction.

While preference votes are still being counted and one seat each for Brindabella and Ginninderra are yet to be confirmed, it is likely Canberrans have elected 12 Labor, eight Liberal and five Greens seats.


By Grace Crivellaro