SPONSORED: “I’m no academic, but I have a thirsty desire to learn. I’ve never built a house, but the Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity has given me tools to build a better tomorrow.”

Bulgun Warra man Harold Ludwick is a 2021 Atlantic Fellow, and this is how he describes his experience of the Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity (AFSE) program based at the University of Melbourne.

The program focuses on Indigenous-led social change and represents the largest investment ever made into Indigenous leadership. Applications are now open for the 2022 program.

If you are a social change leader with a provocative idea, based in Australia or Aotearoa/New Zealand, and have a track record of Indigenous-led social change, we want to hear from you!

2021 AFSE Fellow Harold Ludwick. Photo by James Henry.

In 2022, AFSE Fellows will complete a foundation year that includes a post-graduate qualification in Social Change Leadership at the University of Melbourne. You do not need an undergraduate degree to be accepted. The course is fully funded, and program participation is supported with a stipend.

It does not end there. After you finish your fee-free postgraduate degree, you join a global community of changemakers from seven Atlantic Fellows hubs around the world. As an Atlantic Fellow, you will work with others across the global community to advance fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies.

“The fellowship has given me the time and space to think deeply about how change happens and connect with others who believe that Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing are the foundation for the change we want to see,” said Aotearoa/New Zealand-based 2021 Fellow, Katrina Smit.

Professor Elizabeth McKinley, Executive Director of AFSE, encourages people who are passionate about Indigenous-led social change to apply for this lifechanging fellowship.

“After our experiences over the last 12 months, it is clear we need to bring about social change across the world. The AFSE program focuses on enhancing and accelerating the change needed for Indigenous communities, and creating a society in which we all wish to live,” Professor McKinley said.

“We are working for Indigenous-led social change to build on the incredible collective strength, resilience, knowledge and understandings Indigenous people bring to the world.”

If this sounds like the program for you, you can find out more and apply for 2022 via the AFSE website. Applications close on Tuesday August 31, 2021.