Kuku Yalanji man Tony Albert is one of the artists commissioned to contribute to the design of Sydney Football Stadium under the Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment Public Art Plan.

Albert’s family comes from Far North Queensland and he is currently working between Sydney and Brisbane.

He told the NIT that it was “an honour to submit a proposal” to the redevelopment plan.

“The intersection between art, sport, and culture intertwines and creates a rare opportunity to bring us all together in a meaningful way.”

“I personally believe public artwork that prioritises, celebrates and educates by engaging with audiences including children and their families is fundamental to community growth. Our lives are enriched by both, even more so when they can be brought together,” he said.

The overall theme of Albert’s artwork is based on “two worlds colliding”.

“This can be seen as water and land, two teams, meeting and gathering,” he said.

“The stadium becomes the conduit between these intrinsic elements.

“The Sydney Football Stadium seating becomes a place of ceremony and one of the main ritual places for these elements.

“I believe the stadium offers a gateway between these two worlds. I believe in the ability that art has to elevate our experience of daily life, and to create environments that uplift and connect us.”

Albert told the NIT the majority of his design layout is based on a topographical map of Country.

“In a way, I am embedding the idea of Country on top of the stadium. The two ends of the stadium will be separated and distinguished by two different designs representing land and water. This creates an element of friendly yet fierce competition.”

Work on the building and public domain will be finished in 2022, including installation of the roof, facade and internal fit-out.

By Teisha Cloos