The footy field isn’t the only place you’ll find a Rioli achieving amazing things. 

Kiewa Austin-Rioli, a Guditjmara-Tiwi Islander woman, has made a name for herself in the art community in Darwin. 

She has been practicing cultural art since she was a little girl, and had started her own business Sweet Water Art two years ago.

When PremiAir Racing announced their first Indigenous livery for the forthcoming Darwin round and called for local Indigenous artists to design the art prints for the race cars, Austin-Rioli put her hand up.

“Someone from Coca-Cola asked around if someone knew of a small local artist and I was recommended then they reached out to me,” she said.

The #22 PremiAir Coca-Cola No Sugar Commodore, was the car that Austin-Rioli was in charge with designing.  

The design represented the strength of Indigenous people and our connection we have to each other. 

“I just wanted to show how connected our people are and how strong we are,” Austin-Rioli said.

“We have been through so much since the invasion and we should be proud of how far we have come as people.”

“I also wanted to show that no matter what part of Australia you are from, we are all one mob and are connected through song lines, family and bloodlines.”

The #22 Coca-cola racing car

The concept of the design took Austin-Rioli a couple of days to start on.

Once she had finished, it took her about three hours to perfect it.

However, this opportunity is more than art for Austin-Rioli, it’s also a chance to give back to the community. 

Chris Pither the driver of the #22 Coca-cola racing car, auctioned off his race boots.

The money will be donated to Austin-Rioli’s chosen charity, Bridging the Gap Foundation.

“Bridging the Gap foundation is an amazing foundation who focuses on raising funds for projects in Indigenous health and education,” she said.

Chris Pither the driver of #22 coco-cola race car

“Every $5000 raised, Bridging the Gap will pay for an Indigenous kid to go to SEDA college”

Austin-Rioli was over the moon with this opportunity, expressing that she was never into motorsports beforehand, but was now obsessed with the sport.

“I want to say thank you so much to the Premiair racing team, the Coca-Cola team, Chris Pither and Supercars,” she said.

“For giving me he best opportunity and for the most amazing weekend I have ever had.”