A plethora of First Nations writers and poets will be showcasing and their work at the Kyogle Writers Festival.

Running May 13 to 15, more than 60 authors and poets will travel to Kyogle to celebrate contemporary Australian writing and explore the question ‘Close to Home?’

Migunberri and Yugambeh author Jenny Fraser will be launching her new book Plant Power Sisterhood: An Anthology of Eco-Revolution at the festival.

Ms Fraser said she hoped her book could include Indigenous women’s voices often forgotten about.

“I think we just tried to put Indigenous women’s voices in the picture and if we do it through the arts, we know that it’s a different entry points for people,” she said.

“We’re actually understanding each other’s worldview from across different governments.

“So we can rise above that and we can share Indigenous knowledge in a safe way.”

Fraser’s book celebrates the flora and fauna of Australia, challenging readers to think about their relationship with nature.

This relationship with nature is especially important during the current climate crisis Fraser said.

“It just highlights the fact that in some remote communities, they don’t have access to supermarkets to begin with,” she said.

“And I’ve just been through the floods in norther New South Wales so because of the topsoil is all disturbed we have to wait for that to settle again.

“We live in a place that is the remnants of the Gondwana rainforest so it’s been around for a long time but it means we have had to head to higher ground to get our bush foods that weren’t washed away, disturbed or displaced.”

Fraser said the opportunity to bring Plant Power Sisterhood to Kyogle Writers Festival with a large platform for Indigenous voices was tremendous.

“This was good for us because Plant Power Sisterhood launched in October 2020 and it’s been a year and we’ve had other commitments but they’ve all been cancelled because of restrictions,” she said.

“So this is the first time we’ll get to meet in person and officially launch the book.

“And we want the launch to be a celebration and take time out to be with each other and for community care because we’ve just been through a major natural disaster together so we need to nurture each other’s spirit.”

Kyogle Writers Festival runs from May 13 to 15.