The fallout from Aboriginal businesswoman Josephine Cashman’s dismissal from the Senior Advisory Group on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament has seen Cashman go on a Twitter tirade after her appearance on The Bolt Report.

Hosted by notorious right-wing commentator, Andrew Bolt, on Sky News, Cashman appeared on the show on Tuesday to defend her position.

Cashman criticised NITV’s reporting of Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief Terry Yumbulul’s claims he did not pen the letter published on Bolt’s blog denouncing Bruce Pascoe.

“[NITV is] running a campaign of intimidating our Elders,” Cashman said.

Cashman also said on The Bolt Report it was not the first time she had been threatened with removal from the group.

Later posting screenshots on Twitter of emails between herself and Senior Advisory Group Co-Chair, Professor Dr Marcia Langton, Cashman tweeted she was “threatened to be removed from Minister Wyatt’s Senior Advisory Group” in late November last year for requesting a briefing from the Crime Commission.

“For my safety I am seeking a private meeting so I may speak frankly about matters subject to investigations involving leaders of the Uluru Statement movement,” Cashman wrote in the email.

“I am concerned about … networks operating in Aboriginal communities and often run by leaders of powerful Aboriginal community organisations.”

In her response, Professor Dr Langton asked Cashman to “write a proposal not a threat”.

Cashman has continued to post screenshots of emails with Professor Dr Langton, as well as screenshots of email correspondence with the Department of Education on an unrelated matter.

By Hannah Cross