Supermarket conglomerate Coles has continued to set goals and achieve them in record time, with the Corporation’s most recent achievement being an increase in online sales.

Stepping into the ring again for another round in their battle to be at the top of the supermarket food chain, for the rest of September, Coles customers shopping online whose bills total over $100 will receive free delivery.

This comes as the Company reports an upward trend in online sales, a 30 percent increase which accounts for over $1.1 billion of Coles’ revenue.

While Coles most recent success has been revenue related, the company also continues to make huge strides in Indigenous employment opportunities.

After setting their first Indigenous employment target in 2011, when the number of Indigenous employees was only 65, Coles surpassed their target of 3,000 Indigenous employees two years early.

This target aimed to keep Indigenous representation parallel to the Australian population – approximately 3.3 percent.

Coles is now the largest corporate employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the country and has increased their target Indigenous workforce to 5,500 by 2023.

The Company is also working to triple the number of trade-skilled workers and team members in leadership roles in the same four-year time period.

“Today Coles employs around 200 Indigenous team members in trade or leadership roles and we want to raise this number to over 500 by 2023 by investing in training and dedicated mentoring to help them gain trade skills and management opportunities,” said Coles Head of Indigenous Affairs Russell James.

As Coles reaches new revenue and employment milestones, customers and employees are reaping the benefits.