SPONSORED: Coles in Casuarina has built a solid reputation in Darwin for its community involvement, excellent customer service and outstanding commitment to Indigenous employment, with three generations of Indigenous team members working side-by-side under the one roof.

Proud Darwin local and Jawoyn woman Dolly Collinson began working at the checkouts with Coles more than 20 years ago at Coles’ Casuarina store, after applying for a casual position to earn some extra money while at school.

Casuarina Coles Employees
Casuarina Coles Employees

Fast-forward two decades and Dolly has climbed the ladder to her current position as office In-Charge to the store manager, having spent more than half her life immersed in the local community as a dedicated and valued team member.

With her mother Ruth gaining employment at Coles Casuarina in 2010 and daughter Latoya having been employed at the same store last year, Dolly can wholeheartedly say her Coles team members are like family to her.

“Sometimes I walk in during the morning and Mum’s already there behind the deli and gives me a big smile and a wave. We’re quite close so it’s nice that we get to see each other in the place we both spend a lot of our time,” Dolly said.

“There are a couple of team members who also recently celebrated their 20-year service anniversary at the store, so it’s been fantastic to celebrate our time with Coles, together.”

The Casuarina store brings a lot of history to the tight-knit Darwin community having been in operation for more than 45 years, with the team withstanding the devastating wrath of Cyclone Tracey in 1974, and growing with the diverse Casuarina community to form a group that truly represents the proud Indigenous region.

Coles Casuarina store manager Brodie Little said he is incredibly proud of the store and its well-loved reputation within the community — a significant part of which is owed to Dolly’s devotion and enthusiasm over the last two decades.

“Dolly is the lifeblood of the store and you can always count on her to lend a hand and keep everyone on track. She’s generally an all-round great person and treats her time here as more than just a job — she is the driving force behind the family atmosphere that our team members and customers find so special,” Brodie said.

Coles Indigenous Artwork
Coles Casuarina – Brodie Little, Latoya Collinson, Ruth Collinson, and Dolly Collinson.

“We’re also incredibly proud to employ three generations of the same family in our store — an achievement that is a testament to our commitment to hiring and retaining a team of people who represent the community in which we serve.”

Coles is committed to continuously building connections with the Aboriginal community in Darwin and across Australia, and driving improved employment outcomes. Coles is now recognised as the largest corporate sector employer of Indigenous Australians, with 4,400 Indigenous team members. To find out more about employment with Coles click here.