Kaytetye man Warwick Thornton was among five talented Australian film directors to be honoured in the 26th annual Australia Post legend awards.

As well as Thornton, film directors Baz Luhrmann, George Miller, Gillian Armstrong and Peter Weir were celebrated for their powerful contributions to Australian culture and the global film industry.

Australia Post group philatelic manager Michael Zsolt said each director was recognised for their diverse and impactful storytelling on a national and international scale.

“Each year since 1997, we’ve celebrated living Australians who have made a unique contribution to the Australian way of life,” he said.

“The films created by our 2022 Legends all tell powerful stories that connect strongly with Australian audiences and help to shape our perception of not only ourselves but historical events and important socio-cultural themes.”

Thornton said the honour was “awesome”.

“I think my hair believes it’s a legend,” he said.

“Lucky my mind and body is honestly honoured to be on a stamp.

“It’s very rock ‘n’ roll so when placing this stamp on a parcel please consider playing the soundtrack to the 1984 Alex’s Cox movie REPO MAN.” 

Each will have their portrait featured on new postage stamps as part of the 2022 Australian Legends of Filmmaking stamp issue.