The First Nations community will have the chance to reshape management of land rights under a new strategy being undertaken by the National land and sea body.

The  Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation will launch the National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy, a series of consultation meetings to hear stakeholder recommendations to shape the group’s practice in the next three to five years.

ILSC has helped return 6.4 million hectares of Country with a focus on providing social, economic and cultural benefit for custodians with the backing of a $2 billion Land and Sea Future Fund.

Informed practice is planned following the community engagement program.

In addition to formal meetings an online survey and hotline will facilitate the airing of community thoughts and concerns.

“It is important that the ILSC keeps pace with the evolving aspirations and needs that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have for their Country,” ILSC chief executive Joe Morrison said.

“We want to ensure our relationship is based on mutual understanding.

“We want to drive action and change that amplifies the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Mob are encouraged to engage with the measures and conversations towards ideas, aspirations, challenges and opportunities going forward.

Agribusiness, bushfoods, water, renewables and carbon feature in Indigenous expert guided summary material provided to participants.

The process is set to run June 3 through to August in urban, regional and remote areas.

A draft document will be presented for community feedback before a final report is handed down later in the year.

Information on the strategy and online survey is available on the ILSC website.