Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT has hailed the “significant achievement” of the Northern Territory’s Treaty Commission on the public release of its final report.

The Northern Territory Treaty Commission Final Report was delivered to Treaty Minister Selena Uibo, along with recommendations for development of a Treaty-making framework.

It follows a consultation process with Aboriginal Territorians and stakeholders, including land councils and Aboriginal representative bodies.

Aboriginal Medical Service Alliance NT chief executive John Paterson said First Nations people across the Northern Territory have a long and proud history of calling for recognition, truth, justice and self-determination.

“Treaty is the obvious next step. We call on Chief Minister Natasha Fyles, Minster for Treaty, Selena Uibo, and the whole NT Government to support the recommendations in the report.”

“We know First Nations self-determination and governance provides the best means for better outcomes for our people, the evidence is unequivocal.

“This is about writing past wrongs and working towards a better way forward. This final report is an important step on that path and shows that we have the courage in the NT to be bold and focus on what is right for First Nations people across the Territory.”

The report will now be considered by the Territory government, which will provide an interim response when the report is tabled to Parliament this month.

A formal response should be delivered by the end of the year.

Ms Uibo said the government would consider the recommendations over the coming months and provide a formal whole-of-government response to set the foundation for future agreements between the NT Government and Aboriginal Territorians.

“I extend my thanks to Mr McAvoy and the NT Treaty Commission, Aboriginal Territorians, Land Councils and other stakeholders who have contributed to this significant body of work,” she said.

Northern Land Council chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi said the Territory’s four land councils had a long-standing commitment to work with the government towards a Treaty.

“The Northern Land Council welcomes the NT Treaty Commission Final Report and will be closely assessing its contents with our elected Councillors over the coming months,” he said.

“We are invested in maintaining an ongoing dialogue with Minister Selena Uibo in consideration of the treaty making framework.”