First Nations Media Australia’s IndigiTUBE project alongside the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project have released First Sounds Vol. 8, a compilation of new tracks from independent Indigenous recording artists.

The 13-track album will be distributed to more than 200 community radio stations, encouraging exposure for the artists through airplay.

Songs featured on First Sounds span a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, reggae and hip hop.

Track nine on the album, Reconciliation, is an upbeat reggae track from Minjungbal artist Garry Kafoa.

First written for Reconciliation Week 2021, Mr Kafoa said the song was about an Elder speaking to younger people about his life and hope of achieving reconciliation.

“He speaks of how he has seen bad days and how he has seen the good days and how he has seen changes for the better,” he said.

“He speaks of how we have come a long way, but there is a long way to go.”

Reconciliation was pre-released to acknowledge Reconciliation Week in 2022.

First Nations Vol. 8 features six First Nations languages and the artists on the compilation represent more than 20 First Nations communities.

The tracks and artists on the album were selected from a pool of entries by a panel of established First Nations artists and industry professionals.

Opening the album with her track Brand New, Darumbal Murri and Tongan artist Mi-Kaisha said being featured on the album was an honour.

“It’s always such an honour to be part of projects by our mob, for our mob,” she said.

“It makes me proud of what our communities have built and the empires and cultures we are responsible for.

“I make music for my people and my community and to know that my music will reach more Mob through First Sounds Vol.8 is so exciting to me.”

The First Sounds series aims to increase the volume of First Nations music played on community radio across Australia.

Since the release of First Sounds Vol.1 in 2020, more than 80 independent First Nations artists have been featured, with two further releases expected in 2022.

First Sounds Vol. 8 is available to listen to via Amrap and IndigiTUBE.

  • Story by Mia Burgess