A video showing stolen vehicles being used to chase police in Halls Creek is one of several that have been posted on social media as part of a trend by young people boasting about crimes.

The two vehicles were stolen from Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation in Fitzroy Crossing this week.

Local business person Patrick Green described the situation as “the wild west”.

“The vehicles were stolen in Fitzroy Crossing, then they went to Halls Creek to terrorise people there, then drive back here, at least one of them ran out of fuel on the way back,” he said.

“Two of the children involved have been picked up by police.”

This morning Kimberley Police told ABC Kimberley they had made arrests in connection such clips shared on social media.

“It’s a very good evidence tool. We have identified a number of offenders from those posts,” Superintendent Craig Parkin said.

“Our core offenders are around the mid-teens. Some of the young people are as young as seven or eight… The issues to do with these young people are complex, there’s no one fix for everyone.”

John Rodrigues, CEO of the Leedal group which owns and operates the Fitzroy River Lodge and Crossing Inn, told National Indigenous Times on Thursday that the two venues experienced three break-ins in the space of two hours overnight.

“2am at the Lodge, 3am at the Inn and 4am at the Lodge again. Staff members caught two of them at the Lodge [after the 4am break-in] and got the police to come and pick them up,” he said.

“The guys went at 7am this morning to give a statement, and later in the morning saw one of them out in the street, drunk.”

“They can’t interview them when they are drunk, but they can’t keep them in detention while they sober up,” Mr Green added.

Last week a series of events including break ins and assaults sparked calls for action to address crime in the area and its underlying causes.

WA Police told National Indigenous Times that two men in their 20s have been charged with Burglary and Stealing in connection to this morning’s break-ins and are due to appear in court next on 4 January.

By Giovanni Torre