Former Managing Director of Njamal Mining Pty Ltd Sharon Westerman has been acquitted of four counts of stealing as a servant at Perth’s Central Law Courts today.

The verdict was delivered by Magistrate Mark Millington, who said the trial had been very drawn out since beginning eight months ago in October 2018.

Ms Westerman was an employee of Njamal Mining from December 2013 to November 2015, a subsidiary of the Njamal People’s Trust based in the Pilbara.

She was charged with stealing as a servant on four separate occasions in 2015.

Ms Westerman’s lawyer, Johnson Kitto, stated during the trial that while there was no doubt that money had been transferred from Njamal Mining’s accounts to Ms Westerman’s account, it came from a “backdrop of appalling record keeping” by Njamal Mining as well as a lack of recorded minutes in meetings.

As he delivered his verdict, Magistrate Millington stated this lack of record keeping at Njamal Mining during the times in question proved one of the trial’s greatest difficulties.

Ms Westerman is also facing another charge of stealing as a servant.

By Hannah Cross