In the face of pandemic, Australia has seen the reaction of panic buying in many metropolitan and regional areas. This has called food security into question in remote areas, and the need for access to essential items for those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

A partnership between Quilton and ABC Tissues, facilitated by Good360 Australia, has made a significant donation to Southern Aboriginal Corporation (SAC) in Albany, Western Australia.

Five pallets of toilet paper were donated with the intention they be provided to local Noongar community.

Good360 Australia is a charity based in Sydney, New South Wales. Good360 Australia’s Founder and Managing Director, Alison Covington, said the company pairs people with products with people in need.

“We match the spare and excess goods to Australians who need them most. It is really a matchmaking service—we match goods to those who need them. It is very simple!” Covington said.

“I don’t understand in a country like ours why there is poverty or there is need, and we all know that it is proved that we are in a world of material good.

“We are the lucky country but there are so many people who aren’t as lucky as they should be.”

The relationship between Quilton and ABC Tissues with SAC enabled SAC to deliver care packages with hygiene products to self-isolating Noongar communities.

SAC is delivering to Albany, Tambellup, Gnowangerup, Katanning, Cranbrook and Kojonup communities.

“Quilton and ABC Tissues had a very generous program where they were giving away a million rolls and we had access to those. They wanted us to make sure it was going to as many charities … in many locations,” Covington said.

“Through us they were able to help this community get access to, what is considered now, a really in-demand product.

“For people who are more remote and vulnerable who can’t get to a supermarket, or don’t have that money in their pocket to be able to scramble with everyone else, we’re able to help get that product to those in need.”

Covington encourages those looking to support charities to connect with Good360.

“To me, it is the equality piece, I dislike the idea of people missing out, the vulnerable in our society or those who are remote in our community.

“We say at Good360, we stand by you, we stand with you … Just because we are on the east coast doesn’t mean we don’t service the rest of Australia.

“Sometimes it may take longer for product to get to those communities [in WA], but we will get it there, and it’s important that we are committed to doing that and committed to finding partners who are committed to that too.”

By Rachael Knowles