Attaining the number one spot in the world doesn’t come easy, but Ash Barty is drawing praise for reaching the top of her sport with humility.

Former Australian tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley was the last female Australian to reach world number one and said she believes Barty is a great inspiration to all Australians.

“Since she came back into tennis Ash has worked hard and step-by-step the results have come,” Goolagong Cawley said, referring to Barty’s brief stint as a professional cricketer three years ago.

“In 2019, with all the pieces in place, her rise has been almost unstoppable. Ash is a very worthy No.1 and winning at the French will have given her even more confidence. I am so proud that another Aboriginal player sits on top of the rankings in women’s tennis, particularly a young lady who conveys such happiness in all she does.”

“She really enjoys being out there and she has become an outstanding and inspirational example to all Australians. Well done Ash – long may your success continue.”

Barty was humble in her post-match press conference, after winning the Birmingham Classic in the UK which catapulted her into world number one. She repeatedly thanked her team for the support required for her to reach her goal.

“For it to happen in this way has just been amazing. It’s a testament to my team who have just put so much time and invested so much passion and energy into my career and try to make me the best that I can be,” Barty said.

The 23-year-old is only the second woman to reach world number one and will take the top seed into Wimbledon, starting July 1st.

By Keiran Deck