Jasmine Newman says she is proud to represent the success that Aboriginal businesses can have in the contemporary world of business.

Ms Newman is the founder and managing director of cleaning company Killara Services who recently took home the inaugural Indigenous Excellence category at this year’s Telstra Best of Business awards.

“I’m really happy to be able to set the benchmark,” she said.

The Wiradjuri and Yuin woman is the granddaughter of Aboriginal activist Herbert Stanley Groves who fought for equal education and employment rights for First Nations people through the mid 20th century.

This “strong family bloodline” is the driver behind Killara’s objectives.

“What I’ve been able to do with this business is shift from advocating to creating,” Ms Newman said

“I’ve been able to create the sustainable employment opportunities and training opportunities for our Mob that Pop was fighting for.”

Since 2017 Killara has grown to more than 300 employees servicing contracts with grassroots to large-scale clients around the country.

Ms Newman has worked hard over the past five years to create an Indigenous business ecosystem engaging with other First Nations companies, artists, and suppliers.

She said providing stable employment opportunities for her community is a major company objective.

“Today we’ve reached around sixty percent Indigenous engagement from an employment perspective,” Ms Newman said.

“We employ a lot of blackfellas right across the country.”

Ms Newman said a platform for First Nations business to show capability had been created and could make a difference for her community.