Indigenous digital services agency, Ngakkan Nyaagu (NGNY), has secured a partnership with global cloud service, iland, to offer cloud-based infrastructure to Indigenous businesses across Australia.

Meaning ‘see’ in Wergaia and Gumbaynggirr languages, Ngakkan Nyaagu is looking to advance and propel Indigenous businesses into the Indigenous digital economy.

The partnership with iland came about as NGNY explored how to grow the way they do business.

NGNY co-founder, Liam Ridgeway, said the organisation has been looking for a way to leverage the agility and affordability of cloud services.

“The whole idea is how we look at technology as a pathway for providing productivity … as a pathway that enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to operate and function more effectively,” Ridgeway said.

“How does it deepen our understanding of problems in community?”

The co-founder said it’s important for businesses to have data backups, particularly at the moment when a significant number of people are losing their jobs due to COVID-19.

“It allows continuity with business practices … backups [can also] support different legal compliances.”


Tailoring the cloud

For Ridgeway, the partnership with iland allows NGNY to work with businesses on affordable, flexible and tailored cloud-based services and infrastructure.

“You don’t have to look at these technologies and solutions as something too far out of reach,” he said.

“We are trying to shift that mindset around technology as a cost and instead an enabler.”

Tony Stratton, iland’s Director of Sales in Australia, said iland is proud to welcome NGNY to its partner community.

“We look forward to working with NGNY and promoting the growth of the Indigenous Digital Economy in Australia with a clear, secure and simple path to the cloud,” Stratton said.

As the provider, NGNY will engage one-on-one with businesses and mould the available technology to each business’s needs.

Not only are they allowing businesses to pay for what they use instead of a cookie-cutter yearly subscription service, NGNY is educating businesses on what technology and the digital economy can do for them.

Since the service launch last week, Ridgeway said there’s been a high level of interest.

“People are wanting us to take them on that learning journey,” he said.

“We are building up our knowledge base, too, looking at what we can provide to Indigenous business.

“How does the cloud align to the organisational and business strategic objectives?”

“While it’s a technology conversation it’s also a business and organisational conversation as well.”

By Hannah Cross