The Australian ambassador to the EU, NATO, Belgium and Luxembourg met with Indigenous creatives who have travelled to the EU to put on a fashion runway.

The Indigenous fashion group met with Caroline Millar for a morning tea to discuss their upcoming runway event at the Art and History Museum in Brussels.

Ms Millar said she had been excited to meet the Indigenous delegation from Australia.

“I was delighted to meet the delegation from Australia this morning,” she said.

“We are thrilled to have such a team of designers, models and artists here in Brussels as we prepare for the Indigenous Fashion Event on Tuesday evening to mark the upcoming end of the spectacular Before Time Began exhibition.”

Tiwi model Cassie Puruntatameri shared with the ambassador her journey of becoming a model, moving from the Tiwi Islands to Melbourne where she was discovered.

Ms Puruntatameri said she couldn’t believe her modelling career had taken her here.

“I feel like it was such a special moment and I felt honoured to meet the Australian ambassador,” she said.

“I still can’t believe that I’m in Europe modelling.”

Cassie Puruntatameri (middle) speaks to the Australian ambassador about how she became a model.

Yolngu woman and founder and creative director Liandra Gaykamangu said meeting the ambassador was a reminder of how far she had come.

“When I decided to start a business a lot of people, family, friends were like oh when are you going back to your job?” she said.

“And there was a time where I felt I should as well, but there was something as well that said no keep going.

“And I’m so glad I did because since starting Liandra Swim…I’ve been invited as an Australian delegate to Canada, to Papua New Guinea.

“And now to Europe, I’ve had all of these amazing opportunities and I wouldn’t have got if I’d just stayed in my comfortable position as a high school teacher.”