The group of Indigenous delegates travelling around Europe have touched down in Dublin, Ireland to showcase their designs to boutique owners and fashion buyers.

Their arrival has drawn the attention of Irish weatherman host of Ireland AM, Deric ó H’artagáin who used his weather segment to bring attention to Australian Indigenous culture and fashion.

The segment was filmed in Dublin at the official residence of the Australian ambassador to Ireland, Gary Gray.

The Australian embassy in Ireland was the first in the world to permanently fly the Indigenous flag.

Mr Gray was joined by Kirrikin founder and designer, Wonnarua woman Amanda Healy, Liandra Swim founder and creative director, Yolngu woman Liandra Gaykamangu, Tiwi model Puruntatameri and Yidaki player and Noongar man Jack Collard on early morning Irish TV.

Deric ó H’artagáin preparing to cross live on Irish breakfast TV

They were joined by other guests including Irish rugby player and Wiradjuri man John Porch, and Australian Rugby 7’s player Sam Myers.

During Ireland AM’s weather segment, Gray explained what Sorry Day meant for Australians to the Irish viewers.

“Yesterday was our Sorry Day where we acknowledge the harm done to Indigenous Australians through the settlements from 1770,” he said.

“And then we enter Reconciliation Week so it’s very important for us to know and acknowledge it.

“It’s also got a very unique, Irish character to it, because in 2017 Ireland’s president Michael D. Higgins became the first head of state anywhere in the world to acknowledge the harm done to Indigenous Australians through Irish settlers.”

Tiwi model Cassie Puruntatameri said appearing on Irish morning TV was one of the highlights of her career.

“It was very cool to be on Irish TV and I was never even expecting to be on their morning show,” she said.

“I feel very proud of representing my culture overseas as a model.

“Especially representing and showcasing Indigenous fashion as well, its huge.”

Deric ó H’artagáin said what drew him to the group of Indigenous delegates was their interesting cultural stories and history.

“As a national breakfast TV show, just like sunrise in Australia it’s really really important that we highlight different cultures and different aspects of heritage within our society,” he said.

“So we decided to come down here today to the official residence of the Australian ambassador to Ireland to get involved, to highlight the cultural dimension, the fashion, the heritage, the music, the didgeridoo.

“All of that kind of stuff that is synonymous with both the Aboriginal and the Torres Strait people, so a great day to be involved, great to highlight it and great to broadcast from here of course.”

The Indigenous fashion designers followed the segment on breakfast TV with a trunk show at the Australian embassy in Ireland to showcase their collections.