Please note: This story contains reference to someone who has died.

An Aboriginal man was shot dead by New South Wales Police on Tuesday.

The man, identified as Stanley Russell, was shot by police at a home in Seven Hills in Western Sydney around 11:30am.

The police had shown up at the home searching for Russell who had an outstanding warrant.

It’s alleged that the 46-year-old threatened police with a knife and an axe.

There was a “physical confrontation” before police fatally shot Russell.

“There were four officers inside the premises, but I can’t confirm who fired shots and how many shots were fired,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Boon on Tuesday.

“Officers let out a number of shots, unfortunately the man collapsed.”

CPR was attempted but Russell could not be revived.

Witnesses told media on the scene they had heard five gunshots.

Russell’s family was close by at the time of his shooting, including his partner of almost three decades.

“We’ve got five kids, six grandkids and I still can’t get up there,” she told media at the scene.

Police closed off the area not long after the shooting, with more officers and paramedics allegedly “swarming” the scene.

The shooting will be investigated as a critical incident by the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC).

“As to be expected, all the officers involved in that incident this morning are all quite upset and will be obviously subject to ongoing welfare care and attendance from us,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Boon said.

Russell’s death follows the passing of a 26-year-old Aboriginal man in Shortland Correctional Centre on Sunday.

By Rachael Knowles