As a claustrophobe, being isolated gave me a huge itch to clean out everything and start fresh and organised; to declutter.

I attacked my bathroom, cleaning out empty bottles of skincare brands that I saved from the sale pile.

Those canary yellow bottles filled with bright blue, gluggy plastic smelling serum that I once lathered all over my face.

But during this isolation, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to look after our health becomes a major priority.

Now more than ever, we must look after our mental health, spiritual health and our physical health, caring for our bodies and our biggest organ – our skin.

In looking after ourselves, we can look after mob by investing in Indigenous-owned businesses during this difficult time, ensuring their survival through COVID-19.

Here are five Aboriginal-owned skincare brands you can stock your cupboards with to look after your skin and small Indigenous businesses.


Bush Medijina

Made on Groote Eylandt, Bush Medijina was created after Warningakalina Elders shared their desire to teach culture and build pathways to support the lives of women, children and families.

Assembled by an all-female team, who all speak Anindilyakwa, the products draw from cultural knowledge to incorporate local bush medicine.

Bush Medijina clay. Photo via Bush Medijina website.

Bush Medijina produce balms, hair products, body butter, soaps and clays.

To support Bush Medijina, visit:


Jummi Factory

Mother-daughter duo, Josie Alec and Adrianna Irvine-Stanes, come from Karratha, WA.

The pair use native plants and traditional medicines in the Pilbara to create skincare including lip and skin balms, deodorants, rubs, exfoliators, insect repellent and perfume.

Jummi Factory bush rub. Photo via Facebook.

Alec’s mother was a traditional healer and has passed her knowledge and gifts down to her daughter and granddaughter.

To support Jummi Factory, visit:



Ngemba Weilwan woman, Sharon Winsor, is the founder and creator of Indigiearth. Although a gourmet food company, Winsor also produces a skincare line.

Ingredients including, Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime and Davidson Plum are used to create serums, cleansers, moisturisers, clay masks, soaps, body custards and mists.

Indigiearth restore finer lime serum. Photo via Instagram.

Caring for Country from start to finish, all products are packaged in recycled materials and environmentally friendly bottles.

To support Indigiearth, visit:



Created by the Bundjalung family, the Slockees, Juddarnje brings traditional plants and medicines to skincare.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, the company holds the philosophy, ‘Keep it natural’.

Juddarnje soaps. Photo via Instagram.

Juddarnje produces moisturiser, creams, cleanser, soaps, and a range of baby products.

To support Juddarnje, visit:


Native Secrets

Founded in 2014 by Phil and Cherie Thompson, Native Secrets is a Dubbo-based business in NSW that invests in sharing culture and stories of traditional medicines.

Phil is a Bidjara/Kara Kara descent of Central Western Queensland and Cherie has a spiritual connection and traditional link to the Weilwan peoples of Central West NSW.

Native Secrets hand and body wash and body lotion. Photo via Native Secrets site.

The pair create soy candles, native essential oils and haircare along with a range of skincare. Their skincare range includes soaps, body wash and body lotion.

To support Native Secrets, visit:


By Rachael Knowles