Calling for people to come together to continue the fight against white supremacy, Jimblah has released his new single, About These Demons.

Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist hailing from the Larrakia nation in the Top End. Dropping About These Demons on Wednesday, he has received praise for the moving anthem which he stumbled into making after creating his perfect beat.

“I was making some beats for another person and … it just kind of started. I got inspired to start writing to it and then I thought maybe this [beat] is for me,” he said.

“When I create, it’s a really nice time, a magical time in that creation process. Everything disappears and you’re not paying too much attention, it’s that intuition kicking in.”

Jimblah – About These Demons. Photo supplied by Elefant Traks.

Jimblah’s love for storytelling through music is rooted in his early life.

“I love stories, and I think that is the big thing that I am here for,” he said.

“My Dad got me into music when I was a lot younger and got me on the drums.”

The Larrakia producer said he was always in awe of where the music took his father when they were in the studio.

“I got these memories of driving on the highway up north and just seeing him lose himself to the music, there’s so much joy and love,” he said.

“I’ve always loved being able to lose myself in the music and how healing it can be and transformational … how you have the ability to communicate where just words can so easily fail us, when you can put it into context which gives your words power.”

Jimblah’s music acts as reflection of his own journey.

“I think music for me … has always been about me navigating or figuring out certain stuff. It’s like, if I can at least get it out of myself to begin with and have it all in front of me and then somewhat try to make sense of it, it helps me gain a better picture of what I’m dealing with. It can be a reflection back,” he said.

“There are heaps of times where I’ll hear a song from ten years ago and it will be so weird because I’ll be in a moment where those are the exact words I need to hear. I think it’s for myself and my own healing first and foremost, and then obviously what that can be for others … that’s a blessing on top.

“I feel grateful, as an artist I’ve learnt what it means to be critical of myself, obviously in a safe way and not a toxic way … when we are trying to create or facilitate creation of music or art, we are always looking internally—how can we level it up? Or how can we make it better?”

With the Black Lives Matter movement remaining prominent across the country and internationally, Jimblah has taken steps to look after himself and his mental health.

“Having good people around you is one of the best things … and getting out on Country and being out on Country—being still again because everything is so go, go, go,” he said.

“It’s those things that really help me: good food, exercise, taking time out to breathe and have those moments that are safe and downtime that is safe.”

While his music is healing for himself, it is also healing for those who listen.

“I see it as healing, especially with music like this. Some of the songs I’ve released earlier … I would argue they are about healing as well,” he said.

“People don’t know what light needs to look like if they don’t truly see the darkness.”

“They don’t understand the level of love we need to bring to this … until they see the hate and the frustrations and the despair.”

Constantly pushing himself, Jimblah hopes to keep writing and evolving.

“It’s the constant evolution of yourself as an individual. Trying to learn how to be a better person and evolve just as a human being is such a good thing to hold onto and that [along] with music and art, and being an Indigenous person of this country,” he said.

“The constant unpacking you know, I hit these points where I think, ‘Ahh I’ve finally got a deeper understanding of what is going on here’, and then you’re like, ‘Nah, not really’. It is all so deep and complex; it feels like it will be a lifelong journey so to have that with your art is a beautiful thing as well.”

By Rachael Knowles