In the central desert region of the Northern Territory lies Lajamanu, 870 kilometres south of Darwin.

A recent recruitment process saw multiple applications to this community and the station is now staffed by three police officers and an Aboriginal Liaison Officer.

Aboriginal Liaison Officer’s play a vital role as a conduit between police officer and the community.

They work in regional centres and on country, providing cultural guidance to police officers and assisting to improve relationships between police and the community.

The Lajamanu team continues to build on existing relationships to improve cultural competence and are known and trusted by all in the community.

Every quarter, Lajamanu police hold a campfire stew with community elders and emerging leaders.

Men’s nights and women’s nights are conducted separately. Police and volunteers prepare and serve the meals to community members and elders at the front of the station.

Police sit alongside community members and speak about the elders’ plans and aspirations for the community, and concerns and issues are raised.

The Lajamanu police also engage the youth of Lajamanu with monthly visits to the local school and encourage their active participation in sporting activities, through a multi-agency program involving with the Lajamanu School, WYDAC (Primary Youth Services Provider), Territory Families, the Arts Centre, AFL NT and Basketball NT.

Community policing isn’t just about engaging in local events, there’s plenty of frontline policing to be done too.

The Lajamanu police maintain ongoing traffic campaigns in coordination with Kalkarindji police and are responsible for seizing alcohol and drugs, as well as the detection of drunk and/or drug affected drivers and disqualified drivers.

Their great work in the community also saw a reduced incidence of domestic violence in Lajamanu during the Christmas 2021 holiday period.

In addition to frontline work, the Lajamanu team is front and centre at community meetings.

Police chair the Multi-Agency Community and Child Safety Team’s monthly meeting which identify at risk children to ensure additional planning, supervision and safety plans are implemented.

There are also daily Local Emergency Management Committee COVID meetings, monthly Community Safety meetings and quarterly Suicide Prevention meetings.

There’s no denying, our people in Lajamanu are well and truly immersing themselves in their community.

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