The Education and Wellbeing days are designed to equip our scholars with the knowledge and strategies about how to care for their body, mind, and spirit as well as ensure that they can reach out for support if needed.

We also aim to provide our scholars with the skillsets to step up as leaders, excel as students and become active members in our communities.

Four engaging and interactive sessions are facilitated throughout the day by MADALAH and Spartan First; an Indigenous-owned occupational health provider based in Perth.

Each day begins with an Acknowledgement of Country by one of our scholars.

Juniors and seniors are separated to ensure the sessions are relevant to their age group and each session has been developed to allow the students the opportunity to learn and engage in a safe space.

Welcome to MADALAH

Janelle Campbell-Cooke, Des Hedland, and Sean Wolf from Spartan First facilitate a session, which explores the topic of social and emotional well-being.

The framework for social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal people recognises the importance of culture, land, spirituality, family, and community.

MADALAH staff facilitate a session to explore the topic of career pathways, covering the potential pathways students could take post-secondary school.

We invite the scholars to create professional outfits from a selection of clothes and discuss amongst themselves what is or is not suitable for an interview or employment.

We also cover topics such as resume writing, applying for jobs and what to expect when attending interviews.

All students then come together as one group in a collaborative session about ‘walking in two worlds.’

MADALAH staff share their own experiences, education journeys, and where they are today, this gives insight to the scholars on how others have learnt to successfully ‘walk in two worlds.’

To end the day, we play a game of Buroinjin; a traditional Aboriginal game from the Kabi Kabi people of South Queensland.

This is a fantastic way to see the scholars interacting with fellow scholars from different schools and using teamwork to score points!

In addition, we also invite our tertiary cohort to spend an afternoon with staff, yarning about their first semester and how we could support them further with their well-being and university studies. The afternoon consists of get-to-know-you activities and a collaborative session presented by Janelle and MADALAH staff about social and emotional well-being, strategies for balancing study commitments, how to set goals, and engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

The session ends with networking over afternoon tea, which provides our tertiary scholars with an opportunity to further interact and establish meaningful connections and relationships that they can rely on for the remainder of their tertiary journey.

MADALAH acknowledges the partner school staff, scholars both secondary and tertiary, for their commitment, engagement, and energy throughout each day.

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