First-time editor Talarah Pedrocchi Roelofs, a Malgana woman from Shark Bay in Western Australia, has stunned audiences with her debut – a low-budget independent film that is winning praise and awards around the world.

The film Edward and Isabella, directed and produced by her partner Adam Morris, also a first-time filmmaker, recently premiered and has won multiple awards in Australia and overseas including in Italy, the Czech Republic, Singapore and Sweden.

Ms Roelofs said she had no experience in film-making before taking on the editor’s role.

“In mid-2020 we took the computer and the equipment up to Hamelin Station in Shark Bay, my home country, and edited the film,” she said.

“We literally sat down and watched YouTube videos on how to work the programs.”

Ms Roelofs worked on set as a show runner, providing an extra set of hands when needed and bouncing ideas off her partner – with whom she also split cooking duties to keep the cast and crew well fed.

“The film is about a couple who live in the city and going to the country to figure out whether they are going to stay together,” she said.

The film, shot in Albany in Western Australia’s Great Southern region where the couple live, has launched to a flying start.

“At the moment it is in some film festivals in WA and has been accepted into a bunch of film festivals around the world, and has won awards internationally as well, including Best Film at the Prague International Film Festival and Best Director at the Tokyo Film Awards,” Ms Roelofs said.

“It was made on a budget of just $15,000. It is very simply made… Adam wrote, directed and shot the film – his first film.”