Rising from roots gripped into the sands of the Torres Strait, Mau Power is telling stories of strength, power and resilience through his music.

A proud Torres Strait Islander Dhoebaw man from the Guda Malullgal nations, Mau Power is the first rapper out of the Torres Strait to rap in language.

His angelic ability to stitch together a tapestry of Indigenous storytelling and hip-hop culture led to the production of his second album, Blue Lotus – released earlier this year.

“It’s good to finally have it out there in the universe, it took some time to build it but I’m so thankful it’s out and getting the reaction it is,” Mau Power said.

Blue Lotus draws from his personal journey after releasing his first album, The Show Will Go On in 2014.

“I wanted to be more spiritual on the album, work on different arrangements and collaborate with people that are outside of the world of hip-hop,” he said.

“The album asks the question, where does the journey go? It’s a journey of growth and that’s in the title; Blue Lotus.”

The first single from the album, Arrived, encapsulates that feeling of starting a journey.

“It speaks to that manifestation of creating that work – it’s all a process. Recording that song was really what the album was about.”

Mau Power’s cultural connection is a key factor in the process of creating his music.

“It’s the art of storytelling and passing of knowledge. It’s the identity I have within the music, with this album the traces of this identity are there right from the beginning and through it to the end,” Mau Power said.

“Words themselves are a powerful medium – it depends on the emotion and how you deliver it.”

“I started out rapping just to find my voice and fitting that into my culture – when I found my voice, it became more the art of storytelling and being able to paint pictures using words. To put the stories into songs from three to five minutes, that takes someone listening on that same journey – I really do appreciate words and constructing my stories,” Mau Power said.

“That’s the essence of song writing, to capture the emotion. It’s not so much what is said, but it’s the emotion you feel.”

Although having plans to tour nationally and internationally, Mau Power is taking life slowly – enjoying the success of Blue Lotus.

“My approach to this album is different, I like to let the album live for as long as it can … my first album is still growing and building its following, and the same goes for Blue Lotus too,” he said.

For more information about Mau Power, or to listen to Blue Lotus, visit: https://www.maupower.com/.