A group of First Nations creatives have touched down in Europe to bring their runway collections to the streets of Brussels, Paris, London and Dublin.

Kirrikin founder and designer, Wonnarua woman Amanda Healy was approached by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to hold runway shows and speak at panel discussions at various locations in Europe.

Alongside Healy, other Aboriginal-owned fashion lines including Liandra Swim, Ngali and MAARA Collective will be showing their designs in Europe.

Healy said she hopes to inform European audiences of some of how their Indigenous culture informs fashion.

“We will be presenting our newest collection at the Museum of Art and History in Brussels to celebrate an amazing art exhibition there from the APY lands,” she said.

“We will also be having private viewings in Dublin.

“We’re really hoping to display the beauty and depth of our culture, and in presenting it in a culturally appropriate way we hope to inspire our audience to understand more about us and our culture.”

The all-Indigenous team travelling alongside Healy include: Liandra Gaykamangu, creative director and founder of Liandra Swim, models Haylee McLean, Shannon McGuire and Cassie Puruntatameri, photographer Rob Hookey and Yidaki player Jack Collard.

Gaykamangu said she is so proud an all-Indigenous team are spearheading bringing their fashion to Europe.

“It’ll be an exciting experience, especially going with a team that are entirely Indigenous,” she said.

“Three of us are from the Northern Territory and I just feel very proud to have three of us there on the trip together but also as a cohort to represent Indigenous Australia there.”

Model Haylee McLean said she was so proud to be here.

“I’ve never been overseas before so this is a crazy opportunity,” she said.

“Just representing my mob and my people on the other side of the world is insane and I just feel really privileged to be here.”

Healy said this is a chance for them as designers to market their collections on an International level.

“I hope we will be creating relationships in Europe and hopefully an audience willing and interested to interact with our products for all their summer holidays in the future,” she said.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn up to a beach in Bali and see a European visitor wearing one of our garments with gorgeous Aboriginal artwork on it?”

An Indigenous Fashion Event will take place Tuesday, May 17 at the Art and History Museum in Brussels.