Keely Eggmolesse is a star on the rise with hypnotic vocals and tunes that will transport you to a hot summers day by the sea.

The proud Gubbi Gubbi/Gooreng Gooreng/ Australian South Sea Islander woman spoke to the National Indigenous Times about her pathway into music and what’s coming next fo her.

“I grew up on the road a lot and was home-schooled throughout most of my schooling so I guess I have always been a bit of a free spirit and let my heart and my ancestors guide my journey,” she said.

“I’m happiest when I’m creating and have always been artistically inclined, finding inspiration in everything and dabbling in as many mediums as I can get my hands on – but I truly believe music is my gift and my purpose.”

Eggmolesse’s sound could be described as R&B but she identifies with the sweet mix of soul, neo-soul and jazz.

“R&B is my bread and butter – I grew up on gospel and R&B music,” she said.

“I love jazz a lot and feel this is a very natural direction for me as I continue to explore and refine my sound.”

Eggmolesse told the National Indigenous Times that she has been singing since she could make noise.

“I grew up with my Dad, Aunties, Uncles, Grandma and cousins singing all around me, Dad even use to sing and play guitar for me in the womb!

“Music is definitely my birthright, something that connects me to my culture.”

“I’m a self-proclaimed storyteller Supreme and my voice is something that can never be taken from me, one of the many vehicles I use to express myself, share my experiences and my observations.”

Eggmolesse has achieved some spectacular things in her short time as a musician, but said her main highlights “will always be the two consecutive years at Bello Winter Music festival in 2018/19 as part of the Ethno Folk Orchestra”.

“Ethno is a music exchange project that happens across 13 different countries, bringing groups of strangers together of all different backgrounds, cultures, disciplines and experiences for one week to share and learn folk and traditional music, forming an orchestra that delivers an eclectic fusion of tunes, culminating in a public performance.

Ethno Folk Orchestra, Photo By Kurt Peterson Photography.

“That experience truly saved my life as it helped me to realise my potential in singing and
song-writing, it helped me to recalibrate myself back into alignment with my purpose, and it put me into a community of like-minded creatives that has grown tenfold over the past 4
years, helping me to develop my skills as a musician.”

Dropping her debut single “Daydream” around this time last year, Eggmolesse said it was a huge milestone for her.

“It had been nearly 3 years since I made the commitment to pursue a career in music and in that time I had been writing, refining my style, growing my vocals and building a catalogue of original tunes, yet I had never released a track,” she said.

“I set a date, planned a release party and decided that I would release something on that date no matter what.

“It was a practice of holding myself accountable and taking that next step into my power, no more excuses.

“Although I love that track, like many artists I am my own worst critic and there is so much I would change.

“I decided to treat it as a learning experience to understand what would make me feel content and fulfilled in my next release.”

It has been an epic year for Eggmolesse and continuing her trajectory, her debut album “Summer Vibes & Bad Habits” is almost ready to be released.

“What’s an album without visuals? Of course being me I’ve decided to release a 9-minute short film to complete the project,” she said.

“SVBH takes listeners on a journey through 15 dynamic tracks, exploring my reflections of experiencing and healing from a domestic violence relationship.

“It’s extremely versatile, covering everything from modern jazz to R&B, to angry rap to
spoken word to more R&B and even a few little sneaky features.

“The short film compliments the album beautifully with stunning visuals, sampling key lyrical moments from the album to tell this story in all its vulnerable realness.”

Eggmolesse said “as the project has continued to grow I have detached from any specific release dates and trust that it will be ready when it’s ready.”

But early next year is on the cards.

By Teisha Cloos