The Go Foundation has expanded its scholarship program, helping Indigenous students with the cost and challenges of school, into South Australia.

The organisation, founded by former Sydney Swans stars Adam Goodes and Michael O’Laughlin, launched in Sydney in 2014 and is now making its first footprint outside NSW.

“Michael [O’Laughlin] and I are very passionate about SA, that’s where we’re both from, and to finally be taking our scholarship program back into our home country, is something that we’re both very proud of,” Goodes told the 2019 Go Ecosystem launch last week.

“We wouldn’t be able to do it, without the ecosystem that we’ve created here in New South Wales and in South Australia.”

The Go scholarships support students of all ages, by providing funding to offset essential costs such as equipment and home internet.

Goodes and O’Laughlin partner with corporate Australia to provide the funding necessary to offer meaningful scholarships, and build relationships with schools. The organisation calls the network of schools, corporate partners and students its ‘Ecosystem’.

Go graduate Bronte Charles is a Bundjalung woman from south Queensland and she spoke at the launch of the 2019 Ecosystem, explaining what her education means to her.

“I chose to get an education, because my grandma was taught not to believe in her own abilities because she was Indigenous. And because of this, she had to teach herself how to read and write when she was 13,” Charles said.

“Education means having the kind of freedom that is so powerful, that you don’t just change your life, but your family’s lives as well.”

Go CEO Shirley Chowdhary said the move into South Australia has already generated an outpouring of positive feedback.

“What we’re hearing from the people in Adelaide, is the immense pride that they feel, that their sons are bringing their success home,” Ms Chowdhary said.

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By Keiran Deck