In celebration of First Nations creatives in the film and TV industry, Netflix is showcasing a specially curated collection of First Nations film and series on the platform as part of NAIDOC Week.

The First Nations Forever page on Netflix features a backdrop which is an original commissioned art piece by Kuku Yalanji and Kubin artist Luke Mallie.

Netflix users in Australia and New Zealand will see a unique artwork of the Rainbow Serpent Dreaming and can access film and TV titles such as Jasper Jones, Top End Wedding, Gurrumul, Redfern Now and new documentary, The Art of Incarceration.

Of Aboriginal and Torres Strait descent, Mr Mallie said his inspiration comes from his traditional culture and tropical surroundings.

“My drive to create stems from knowing my artwork can inspire and empower others to discover something amazing in their own lives and perform to their own potential,” he said.

“My art is also influenced by popular culture and ancient cultures throughout the world.”

His featured painting on Netflix, Rainbow Serpent Dreaming, was inspired by the powerful symbolism the Rainbow Serpent is to Indigenous people.

“The Rainbow Serpent is a powerful symbol of life and creation, it’s an ancestral being that embodies the spirit of the land and it’s people,” he said.

“Paintings of the Rainbow Serpent appear in Arnhem Land rock art dating back 8000 years ago and it is considered a powerful presence within traditional ceremonies and gatherings.

“The flags of both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples fly proudly in “Rainbow Serpent Dreaming” as dancers celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over many generations.”

As for having his work showcased on Netflix, Mallie said it was a huge honour especially to represent NAIDOC.

“It’s a massive honour to have my artwork represent NAIDOC in Australia and it allows, not just Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but Australians of all backgrounds to celebrate and feel proud of this country’s rich culture and showcase it to the rest of the world,” he said.

“Netflix has given me a huge platform to showcase  my artwork but the basis of my artwork is to show the beauty and splendour of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and because of Netflix more people now have an opportunity to enjoy the splendour.”

Netflix members in Australia and New Zealand can see the First Nations Forever page by searching ‘NAIDOC’ on Netflix.