Respect comes in many forms. One such form is the respect you have for your children to learn all about the world, so they may have an inquisitive mind—an asset to them throughout life.

The new book, respect by Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson explores respect in the world around us.

A sentence early in the book: “Our way is respect” encompasses all of the traditions we have around us based on the idea of equality for all.

Respect is something we often ask of our children without explaining what it actually is. It is easy to forget that all things are new to children and that occasionally lessons are learnt through enquiry rather than failure.

Muir and Lawson have written a book to teach the importance of respect, a notion that at times appears to have left society.

respect provides a medium to explore these many facets of respect and how it appears in the world around us. It is also a great teaching resource, connecting inclusivity of culture with respect for each other and the world around us.

respect spreads the message of respect for all. Photo by Caris Duncan.

In the book there is a great link to the connection all humans have with land and their surroundings. Surroundings, in this way, includes all who came before us and the respect we must have for that learnt knowledge.

Respect for our lands, respect for our culture and respect for ourselves and each other are key points Muir and Lawson have highlighted in this book.

Illustrator Lisa Kennedy has created stunning images that would be perfectly acceptable to cut out and hang on a wall if it wasn’t so damaging to the story.

Kennedy has been able to depict Indigenous culture through her art, allowing the story and the illustrations to work together seamlessly.

The artwork gives space to talk with children about the things they see in the pictures. With ease, Kennedy flows from the present to the past in her illustrations without confusing young minds.

respect is available at NIT’s new online store, or via Magabala Books.

By Caris Duncan