An Aboriginal-designed logo will be used to sell Australia’s goods and services to the world under a branding overhaul unveiled in February.

The new Nation Brand logo, designed by Balarinji, features a kangaroo symbol designed with three different types of boomerang.

Balarinji managing director Ros Moriarty said the new branding marked a significant change in embracing Australia’s 65,000+ year-old Aboriginal heritage.

“It is groundbreaking and timely to have Australia embrace and incorporate Indigenous culture so strongly within our national identity and take it to the world,” she said.

The kangaroo is inspired by yamulhu aware ambirriju, Yanyuwa for good country up ahead, good feeling for the future, in the Northern Territory.

Balarinji is best known for its livery work on five Qantas planes between 1994 and 2018.