The women’s rugby league season has announced it will push back its playing season due to COVID-19, but questions have arisen as to why they can’t have a players bubble like the men’s league.

When the COVID-19 situation in New South Wales began to worsen, the Government and NRL made arrangements for teams to stay in Queensland and play the rest of the season there with a ‘bubble’ that they would remain in. They later approved families to join the players in the bubble.

The NRL are reportedly spending up to $15 million a month on the men’s hub.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said the bubble wouldn’t be possible because of tighter COVID-19 restrictions compared to the time when they made the decision for the men.

“We explored all avenues, but it is simply not possible,” Abdo said.

“When the men’s competition was relocated to Queensland there were 77 cases in NSW on that day.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo. Photo via Twitter.

“There’s now consistently over 1,000 cases a day and restrictions around border closures are much tighter than they were in the middle of the year.

“We also acknowledge that nearly all of our NRLW athletes are not full-time athletes.

“They have careers off the field that limit the ability to relocate for a long period of time and that’s something we also considered carefully.”

Abdo has responded saying he understands the backlash from the competition’s postponement but dismissed claims players weren’t kept up to date throughout the process.