Pilbara-based Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation (Thalanyji) has until the month’s end to provide the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) with reasons why it should not be put under special administration.

In July, Thalanyji was notified by ORIC that the corporation’s books and records were being investigated by authorised officers from WA-based firm AMD Chartered Accountants.

A spokesperson from ORIC told NIT an examination’s main purpose is to “assess the corporation’s governance and financial standards.”

It remains unclear as to what the examiners found, however Thalanyji has now been served a notice under subsection 487-10(1) of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 which has been issued as a result of the recent examination.

“The examiner raised some matters the Registrar has considered the corporation may require assistance to address,” the spokesperson said.

“We are unable to comment on the detail of the examiner’s report as that information is protected information.”

Per the CATSI Act (2006), the corporation must be given the opportunity to present why they shouldn’t be put under special administration.

Thalanyji has until November 29 to respond to the notice then the Registrar “will consider any response given” then decide the next course of action.

This comes after Thalanyji CEO Matthew Slack’s resume was under scrutiny in April as three separate universities he claimed to have completed study at held no record of him graduating any of their courses.

NIT understands Thalanyji’s board of directors are convening to decide next steps for the corporation in the wake of this show cause notice.

Perth-based law firm Bennett + Co, acting as the representatives of Thalanyji, were contacted for comment, however no response was received before time of publication.

By Hannah Cross

Editor’s note: The photo accompanying this story was changed on 19/11/19.