West Coast Eagle Willie Rioli is still waiting on a verdict from the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal after his hearing in December for allegedly tampering with a urine sample in late 2019.

After over 500 days off the field, fans have started a petition calling for an answer to be given to the Tiwi Islander by the end of February.

Fans are showing staunch support for the Eagle with the petition amassing nearly 5,000 signatures in the two days since its launch.

“It’s gone on for long enough now and it can not be good for his mental health,” the petition reads.

Last week, Eagles head coach Adam Simpson said he didn’t think the situation could get any more frustrating.

“All I’m thinking about is Willie and what he must be going through, but nothing’s changed — no update, no direction,” Simpson said.

“He’s on our list and we want to keep it that way, but we’d love to know for his sake more than anything.”

West Coast defender Brad Sheppard said players from the club are rallying around Rioli.

“All the boys keep in contact with him, keeping tabs and check up on him,” he said.

“He’s a mate to a lot of the players here … We all know it’s been a pretty difficult time for him.

“The whole footy world, I think, would like to find out either way what’s going on, so hopefully that can happen pretty soon.”

By Sarah Smit