Despite early claims from Peter Gutwein that the Tasmanian Liberals had won the election “convincingly”, the results are not likely to be in until at least next week.

While the Liberals will form government and Labor has conceded, it remains unclear whether the new Tasmanian Government will be a majority or minority government.

Each major party leader kept their seats with Greens leader Cassy O’Connor being re-elected to Clark, Gutwein re-elected to Bass, and Labor leader Rebecca White re-elected to Lyons.

But questions are arising around whether White will keep her spot at the top as this is her second election loss as leader.

All eyes are now on the division of Clark (formerly Denison), with just over 80 per cent of the vote counted and an elected member each from Liberal (Elise Archer), Labor (Ella Haddad) and the Greens (Cassy O’Connor).

Remaining candidates Kristie Johnson and former Liberal Sue Hickey, both Independents, are ahead of Liberals Madeleine Ogilvie and Simon Behrakis.

The only Aboriginal candidate in the election, Labor’s Jennifer Houston, was defeated in the seat of Bass by fellow Labor candidate Janie Finlay. The other four Bass candidates were all re-elected.

For there to be a majority government, at least one of the two remaining seats must be won by the Liberals.

Each of Tasmania’s five divisions has five elected members in what’s known as the Hare-Clark system. The Hare-Clark system is a method unique to Tasmania used for proportional representation.

It enables parties and candidates to be elected to the Assembly in proportion to the support they hold in their division.

By Hannah Cross