Language is such a powerful tool we can use to shift perspective and facilitate change, but we need to reframe our language where we use terms like healing or recovery which places emphasis on the individual, opposed to mental health condition.

It removes the connotation the label brings which further fuel’s that mental health stigma we are working to rid society of but we have to be persistent in our efforts.

We need to make a conscious effort to empower ourselves and those around us so we can shine a light to ensure mental health is no longer a taboo point of discussion.

Start simple, by sharing your learnings, educate yourself and seek professional help where appropriate and be comfortable to speak up about how or why you feel down, anxious or stressed?

Why wouldn’t we want to break this cycle and invest in our social and emotional well-being? All change starts somewhere but start by implementing small but effective changes to cultivate new habits, why not try some of the below strategies?

  • CONNECTION, as humans we desire connectedness & a sense belonging, so focus on building positive relationships to enhance your self-esteem and share in experiences with like-minded individuals which creates a healthy support network.
  • MAKE TIME, as time is often a commodity, we squander albeit unintentional, so structure your day to in recharge time and to attack those niggly tasks that manage to allude us! Establishing routine creates consistency across our lives but it also allows us to factor in that all important time we often neglect to assign ourselves.
  • AFFIRMATIONS, what can I say other than love & use daily! Purpose being affirmations or positive self-talk eventuates in us substituting negative thoughts with new positive ones, but the key is consistency!  Repeat, repeat & repeat these in your mind as the goal is to be invested in the beliefs you are affirming so behaviour change follows on, such as:
  1. I deserve happiness and peace in my life
  2. Emotions are like visitors which come and go, so its okay as this feeling will pass
  3. I won’t let my mind be a bully to my body
  4. I am stronger than the storm
  • SEEK HELP, I cannot emphasise the importance of reaching out when you feel overwhelmed, please disregard the fallacy that many of us grew up with being ‘seeking help was a sign of weakness’ this can’t be further from the truth! Seeking help demonstrates you are invested in meeting your challenges head on to enhance your life!

Book an appointment with your GP to access a mental health care plan to access supports and invest in committing to appointments with a mental health professional will ensure you are provided with tools and strategies relevant to your needs to enhance and maintain your overall well-being.

Resilience is built with each action you take to improve your well-being, so please remember your worth as there is only one of you.

Ensure you amend your routine as these adjustments and investment in your mental health will eventuate in positive sustainable changes that allow you to focus on creating balance across all the domains within your life because, you are worth it.

  • Kym Marsden is a  Queensland-based Indigenous forensic mental health coordinator