Binar Netball Club is on the road to making their club more accessible and comfortable for young Indigenous athletes. 

The local club received $10,000 from Woolworths as part of the NetSetGO Pick Fresh Play Fresh community grants to assist with initiatives including facility improvements, equipment, and training programs.

Binar future is a grassroots organisation started in 2011 and now involves more than 1,400 young people, 85 per cent of whom are Aboriginal, in the Perth metro area and surrounds.

The Binar Netball club started up in 2021 and is based in areas with families who are from low income households. 

Binar Netball club

There were originally going to be five teams but the club ended up with 16 teams and 178 participants from NetSetGo to adults last year, and the club will continue to grow.

“It’s not just about playing the sport, it’s also about getting around and supporting the girls, within that development pathway,” Binar Netball Club committee member Emma Riley said.

Upon playing netball the sport comes with cost and most of Binar’s players face significant barriers in their homelife including lack of transportation and financial hardship. 

The $10,000 will be used to purchase healthy snacks for games, eliminate club fees, provide transport, coaching, cover program costs and support players with fees and uniforms.

“We’re totally reliant on our fundraising efforts and this grant will do amazing things for kids that fall under that category,” Riley said.

Binar Netball club is entirely run by volunteers – a lot of the coaches have full time jobs and spend free time helping out around the club. 


The club engages in Binar’s youth through sport and promoting healthier lifestyle to help children develop into more resilient and empowered young people, who can build positive futures.

From pushing for these changes within the club, Binar also highlights the growing environment of culture, where their Indigenous players can feel safe.  

“That’s probably one of the main highlights of us doing this club, it’s open to all diversities and backgrounds,” Riley said.  

Woolworths NetSetGO supports grassroots netball programs to improve the health and wellbeing of young netballer’s through physical activity and healthy diet