Indigenous commercial furniture business, Zenith FG, is giving back to community by giving the successful Kindergarten at Redfern Jarjum College a facelift.

A joint venture with commercial supplier Zenith Interiors, Zenith FG seeks to work with Indigenous trades and services and provides furniture to corporate and government organisations.

Certified with Supply Nation, Zenith FG is dedicated to creating employment opportunities for First Nations Peoples across Australia as well as supporting other Indigenous businesses via their supply chain.

Part of Zenith FG’s operating procedure and focus is to give back to community when they can.

“We look for opportunities in community to lend a hand with various works,” said Orlando Santos, who takes care of Business Development and Strategy at Zenith FG.

“Last year we helped [Deadly Kindy Burragah] in Brisbane. This year [it’s] Jarjum College in Redfern.

“They do some marvellous work for community … [and] very, very important work with children.”

Mr Santos said Zenith FG has already toured the area to identify what needs work.

“We’ll put in some safety screening, reweld some fencing that needed a bit of TLC [and] a heap of painting that needed to be done,” Mr Santos said.

Zenith FG will also fix the lighting in the kindergarten and repurpose one of the rooms as a quiet room – a place where students can go if they’re distressed or “frazzled,” Mr Santos said.

He said the refresh will create a nicer environment for both teachers and children at Jarjum.

“The Kindy is a bit of a hub in the community … they provide a bit of a hub where the Aunties and Uncles can bring the kids, see the kids.

“The kids [even] get picked up, fed twice a day, and driven and dropped off in the front yard.”

The fit-out is set to take place in mid-January and Mr Santos said he wants to bring the whole community together once the project is complete.

“The whole idea was to highlight the school and the great work they do … in the hope that other businesses will step up and help in future as well.”

For more information about Zenith FG or Redfern Jarjum College, visit their websites at: and

By Hannah Cross